What Our Parents Say...

  • Woolton Hill Pre-school has proven to be an ideal choice for my son: not only does it provide a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere for him to play in, but it also provides plenty of opportunities for him to make new friends, learn to socialise, be creative, and most of all, have lots of fun.

  • My son has just finished his first term in Reception. His teacher said she has never seen a child make so much progress in their first term. I put this down to the excellent way that WHPS has prepared him for school, helped him be ready to do some serious learning, and fostered his interest in the world around him. Thank you!

  • I am, and have always been very happy with the service offered at the pre-school. My children enjoy attending and actively look forward to their days at pre-school - which to me is evidence enough of a good school.

  • "Very happy! At the end of the day this is a pre-school not a school and so I do not expect my child to be sitting down to regimented lessons. Instead he is learning through play and with experience of an older sibling, this will be a more than adequate grounding for his first year at school".

  • I wanted a Pre-School that allowed my children to be naturally curious, to learn through play and enjoy all the activities - learning without even realising it. Pre-School prepared my children for school socially, it helped them to be confident and independent. It also put into place all the things they needed for being able to learn.